Judges of the competition "Pole Emotion 2018"


Marina Motuhnova (Russia)

Bright, charismatic and extraordinary exotic dancer and choreographer! Her performances are always characterized by incredible energy and artistry and they never leave the viewer indifferent. 
The choreography of Marina is unusual and unforgettable!
She graduated Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts faculty of arts (2002). 
She has extensive experience as an actress of show-ballet and as a solo artist (St. Petersburg, 2000-2007).
She is strip-plastics, body-shaping, pole art, stretching, pole exotic choreographer with teaching experience during 15 years in dance studios of St. Petersburg and Moscow.
At the moment, Marina is an exotic flow teacher and a presenter of exotic pole dance workshops. 
She was a judge of different championships and festivals in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Motuhnova Marina Motuhnova Marina 2

Joana Silva (Portugal)

Born in 1981 in Lisbon, Portugal, Joana started her athletic career at a young age practicing acrobatic gymnastics. From 1994 to 2000 she was a federated gymnast from the “Portuguese Federation of Trampoline and Acrobatic Sports”. By the year 2000 Joana stopped competing as an acrobatic gymnast and started dancing.
From 2001 to 2007 she danced streetdance. Breakdance was what she loved the most, participating in several shows, competitions and battles. 
In 2007 Joana took her first pole dance class. Automatically she was dazzled with this dance and never stopped since then.
In 2012 Joana was the first Portuguese pole dancer who participated in an international pole dance competition – “The Art of Pole Dance” (Slovenia) – where she ranked 3rd.
Other competitions:
- “II World Pole Cup” finalist, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).
- “Pole Theatre UK 2015” finalist (Pole Art Category - Professional) in 2015, UK.
- “Pole Theatre UK 2016” winner (Pole Art Category - Professional) in2016, UK.
- “Pole Theatre World 2016” finalist (Pole Art Category - Professional) in 2016, Prague (Czech Republic).
- “Pole Theatre USA 2017” winner (Pole Art Category - Professional) in 2017, USA.

Joana Silva 1 Joana Silva 2

Baina Basanova (Russia)

Professional choreographer.
Winner of various dance championships and festivals.
Baina Basanova’s favourite dancing styles are contemporary and strip dance, the dancer can express any emotions with: from sadness to happiness, from coldness to hot desire.
- a finalist of Dancing on TNT, 3rd season in 2016 (3rd place);
- an actress in immersive performance “Faceless” (directors: Migel, Mia Zanette)
- an actress of plastic performance «Without words» (director Dmitrij Maslennikov)
- an actress of the Russian-American show «Heart of Storm” 
- choreographer of the show Lovestick (center of Leningrad)
- the project Volkswagen Russia at the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014
- 1st place in «DANCE STAR FESTIVAL» / strip dance,  2012
- 2nd place in «LIVE DANCING», part 2 / strip dance, 2013
- 1st place in «RDC Project 818» / High Heels, 2013
- 1st place in «FRAME UP V» / strip dance, 2013
- 1st place in «UP GRADE DANCE COMMUNITY», 2013
- 2nd place in «FAME YOUR CHOREO (AUTUMN FEST)» / Best dance duet), 2013
- 1st place in «DANCE STAR FESTIVAL» / strip, 2013
- 1st place in «COSMIC DANCE BATTLE» / strip plastic, 2013
- 1st place in «FAME YOUR CHOREO» / Best dance duet, 2014
- 3rd place in «DANCE STAR FESTIVAL» / erotic show solo, 2014
- 3rd place in «RDC PROJECT 818» / Best contemporary crew, 2014
- 1st place in «RDC PROJECT 818» / Best high heels crew, 2014
- 2nd place in «FRAME UP» / Best erotic show, 2016
- 2nd place in «FAME YOUR CHOREO», 2016

Baina1 Baina2

Anastasia Vyadro (Russia)

An actress, dancer, semi-finalist of the 2nd season of the project "Dance on ТNT", choreographer of the 3rd and 4th season of the project “Dance on TNT”. The winner in various dancing competitions, presenter of exclusive master-classes.
- Two-time winner of the festival "Frame up 5" and "Frame up 6" in the nomination "The best erotic solo show"
- The winner of the festival on strip-plastic "Live dancing" (Moscow, Russia) in the nomination "Strip-plastic Solo Profi"
- The winner in the nomination Best Strip / High Heels Solo, Frame up Fest 2017
- Winner in the nomination "Runway", Virgin Vogue Ball 2017
- Winner in the nomination "Best Body", in Vogue Ball 2017
- 2nd place in the Best Erotic Show Group nomination for "Frame up 7"
- 3rd place in the nomination Best High Heels Show Group for "Frame up 7"
- 3rd place in the Project 818, 2015 in the nomination "Best high heels crew Profi"
- Judging at the festival «Pole emotion-2017» and "Frame up 7"
- Opened a solo performance "Russian National Music Award 2016" in the Kremlin
- Solo performance at the All-Russian Festival "Wind Rose", 2016
- The heroine of the author's charity project Anton Mukhin in Moscow and St.Petersburg "ArtStil", photo exhibition "Ultra Feelings", 2016

Vyadro1 Vyadro2

Marion Crampe (France)

She has been described as the “Pole Fairy” and you will understand this once you meet her. Her classes are uplifting, empowering and make people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. She is a firm believer that everyone is different, everyone will tell a different story with their body and in their dancing and she embraces this in her classes. Some of her career highlights so far have been winning the French Championships in 2012, coming third in the International Pole Championships (IPC) 2012, performing in “Show Me”at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin the biggest cabaret theatre in Europe and performing in “The Trip” in Hannover and “ladies Night” Variety show during the beginning of 2016 in Germany. Relating to this journey, she has been featured in various blogs and documentaries such as ESPN Sport Channel. She hopes that she will be able to continue adding to this list in the future and is excited to see where life takes her next. Not only is she very dedicated to teaching, performing and modelling but she is also a strong business woman and helped to create and expand Milan Pole Dance Studio in 2010. She is currently working on more business ideas and concepts, too, so stay tuned to see what Marion will have to offer in the future!”
Sponsors: Lupitpole
- French Pole Championship 2nd Place, 2010.
- Pole World Cup 3rd Place, 2011.
French Pole Dance Champion, 2012.
- IPC World Championship 3rd Place, 2012
- Pole Idol 2013
- “Representing” Award Most Positive Role Model in the Pole Community 2014 and 2016.

Crampe1 Crampe2


Radmila Aitova

She is a ballet soloist with more than 10 years work experience in Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, a certificated teacher of classic dance.
A world-dance performer in the sphere of Pole Dance (prize-winner of the international championship Pole Art Greece 2017), 
winner of the Pole Art in in Ukraine 2017, 
participant in the international festival Alex Pole Festival 2016 / 2017, 
finalist (4th place) of Pole Art Cyprus 2015 / 2016, 
finalist (4th place) of IPSAF, Beijing, China 2015, 
presenter of master classes with a work experience in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and Mexico, 
artist of pylon show The Snow Queen 2017, 
artist of the circus show Cabaret Maldito (Circo de los horrores) tour in Mexico 2018.

Radmila1 Radmila2