Stretching CAMP by “POLE EMOTION” (LEVEL 1)


The main event of this summer ! 

For the first time in the Baltic states from August 24rd till August 25th - the STRETCHING CAMP by “POLE EMOTION” in the heart of the Northern Riviera - in Jurmala!

Real oasis of health, which is proud of the almost incredible concentration of healing forces of nature that can’t be found elsewhere on the shores of the northern seas. A place where the sea and the majestic pine forests peacefully coexist with the unhurried flow of every-days life and at the same time has a rich social life, inspiring, refreshing and enriching everyone here.

A unique STRETCHING program for athletes / dancers, coaches / instructors of training and practical lesson with issuance of the Baltic Association of pole dance and Aerial Acrobatics certification.

Will you really miss such an opportunity?
Training will take place in the modern dance Studio
FEEL GOOD: Pole Dance & Workout (Jurmala, Majori, Lienes street 16/18, 3rd floor)



The theoretical seminar includes:

  • Stretching anatomy: body structure, body setting for stretching, formation of correct posture and body placement during stretching, basics of proper breathing
  • Stretching therapy: the skill of recovering from injuries, health improvement and prevention of injury. Answers questions- what to do if students come to classes with sore backs and knees (and not only), as well as how to cope with pain.

Practical workshop:

  • Stretching on relaxation (base)
  • Strength stretching (strengthening)
  • Intensive stretching (stretching three splits)




I represent the School of body flexibility development of the most flexible man on the planet Mukhtar Gusengadzhiev, who has been recorded into the Guinness Book – @flexderek . I am his only certified student and I continue the practice of my coach, providing this method for those, who want to get positive changes of their body. For over 9 years of my training experience (start in 2009) have made this method of body flexibility development available in Kiev. I would like to offer this unique method to be provided in your sport club. I give trainings of different loads for all kinds of students: for those, who consider themselves to be completely inflexible, but desiring to change it, and for those, who have different sporting achievements or experience in gymnastics or other kinds of sport. 


Healthy and active life is my main principle, which I try to bring up to my students. The course is aimed not only at those, who want to achieve some results in stretching, dream about making splits or wish to improve their plasticity and ligaments mobility, but also for those, who are not indifferent to their health and body. I try to be a good example for people who want to keep fit and achieve success. My students can take the advantage of this method, because they notice changes in their body in a short period of time. Apart from getting flexible, they feel their body better, lose weight and even stop the aging process.

Instagram @stretching_body_flexibility



 "I'm 36 years old and I'm at one of the highest point in my flexibility".

After graduating at Sports University in Toulouse. France, Marion develops her knowledge and experience also as a personal and fitness trainer in some of the largest fitness companies in Paris. Through the years,  she explored and learnt several flexibility techniques from well known worldwide masters. Techniques that she uses for her personal journey and adapt for her students. From a none natural flexibility background, her skills show the efficiency of this training. Her flexibility "religion"( as she likes to name it) is a mix of all those techniques with a very unique and personal way of teaching that Marion has. Her work is recognized among the industry and appreciate by many students all around the world. " Stretching and Flexibility fascinate me. You get to feel, understand and discover your body and your mind in such an unique and deep way".

Instagram @marioncrampe



Information is in development.
We are preparing for you the option of the most profitable stay in Jurmala.


Package  "STRETCHING for Professionals – level 1    280 Eur (without accommodation)

24.08 SLAVA KOMAKHA (UKRAINE): Stretching anatomy (4 h)
24.08 MARION CRAMPE (FRANCE): Stretching on relaxation (base) (2 h) Strength stretching (strengthening) (2 h)
25.08 SLAVA KOMAKHA (UKRAINE): Stretching therapy (4h)
25.08 MARION CRAMPE (FRANCE): Intensive stretching (stretching three splits) (4 h)
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Attention! By reservation a place in a package or a single masterclass we ask you to provide the full pre-payment. In case you change your mind - no refund is granted!
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