ROYAL DANCE CAMP: summer edition


ROYAL DANCE CAMP: summer edition


The main event of this summer !

For the third time in the Baltic states from 21 - 24 August 2020 - the Royal Dance Camp in the heart of the Northern Riviera - in Jurmala!

Real oasis of health, which is proud of the almost incredible concentration of healing forces of nature that can’t be found elsewhere on the shores of the northern seas. A place where the sea and the majestic pine forests peacefully coexist with the unhurried flow of every-days life and at the same time has a rich social life, inspiring, refreshing and enriching everyone here. Only this summer, exclusively for the Royal Dance Camp:

  • 3 queens of Exotic pole dance: Sasha Meow, Alyona Amber, Diana Harten
  • 1 Queen of TWERK: Margarita Aleksan
  • 1 special stretching class with Yana Vinokurova

A unique program of training, created specifically for beginners and professionals! Will you really miss such an opportunity?


About ROYAL DANCE CAMP: summer edition

About ROYAL DANCE CAMP: summer edition is a unique dance camp concept created especially for those who are passionate about the EXOTIC style.
The concept of our winter dance camp - has no analogues! A unique approach to unlock your personal potential. You will learn something that will never be told at the other master classes. In our camp - a ton of useful exclusive information, the secrets of dance technique and the magic of creating your unique image of Exotic queen!

Training will take place in the modern dance Studio FEEL GOOD: Pole Dance & Workout (Jurmala, Majori, Lienes street 16/18, 3rd floor)





For the participants of the Royal Dance Camp: summer edition we are glad to offer the most
comfortable conditions of hotel accomodation in Jurmala – in the five star hotel «Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA», which is located on the coast of the Baltic sea. Accommodation will be provided in Double or Triple classic room
Participants of the camp will be able to enjoy the wash of the sea waves without leaving the elegant rooms, equipped with all necessary amenities: comfortable wide beds, air conditioning, satellite TV and free Wi-Fi.
Price of accommodation (for 1 person):
Double room - 72 Eur per night
Triple room - 58 Eur per night

The price includes:

  • ccommodation in a double or triple room,
  • breakfast in the hotel restaurant, overlooking the sea,
  • access to a heated 25-metre saltwater sports pool,
  • visit to the bath after a training day,
  • visit to the modern gym with cardio and power equipment,
  • relax on the hotel's private beach,
  • if you arrive in Latvia by car, free parking is provided
Within walking distance there are:
  • dance halls of the camp (FEEL GOOD Studio: Jurmala, Majori, Lienes street 16/18,,
  • restaurants, shops, tourist sights,
  • railway station “Majori”.

If you want, you may visit the Spa-Centre of the Baltic Beach Hotel, which offers over 400 Spa rituals and relaxing treatments. You may also visit a real Russian bath and try healing procedures or relax in the saunas of the water relaxation centre “The Garden”. Please, NOTE that visiting the SPA is not included in the room price!
Jurmala is easily reached by car, train or bus, because Jurmala is just a 15-minute drive away from Riga international airport and a 20-minute drive away from the centre of Riga.

You can also book any hotel in Jurmala on your own. Please focus on the address of the studio where the camp will be held: Jurmala, Majori, Lienes 16/18, Feel Good Studio






Our presenters and program


Sasha Meow (Riga, Latvia)


1. Floor work class “Exotic Acrobatic” (75 min)

Class without pole. There is a question usually:

  • “How to go from one pole to another?”
  • “What to do without pole?”
  • “How to move on the floor like a snake?”
  • On this class you will have all answers!
  • Silky transitions, rolls and jumps, legwork and many more!

2. Dance class “Exotic Hard” (75 min)

This girl has true cat’s grace. She blew up Instagram with her inimitable charisma and cheeky dancing! In the program of classes: dynamic combos and transitions in a unique “Sasha MEOW style”, author’s semi-pole and parterre choreography and original warm-up. Tricks + Exotic! Strength + grace. For those who don’t have enough and who want to kill 2 birds at once! Author's choreography with stunt elements. A thorough and in-depth study of all the charm of the fluidity of "cat" movements and the secrets of filling dancing space.

Alyona Amber (Riga, Latvia)


1. Floor work class “Exotic Contemporary” (75 min)

The class is built on contemporary technique. In the class, we will analyze the basic transitions of the contemporary dance technique and then learn the dance built on these rules. In combination there will be rolls, stands, turns and jumps. The main goal of the class is to understand how to start and end movements correctly, without losing inertia and strength. We also consider the breathing technique during the dance that inhaling and exhaling could facilitate the performance of individual elements as well as the combination as a whole.

2. Dance class “Exotic Flow” (75 min)

This girl is the brightest representative of Exotic Pole Flow. She has a unique feature to bewitch with the movements, transitions, amplitude spins, jumps and flow style elements. In the program of classes: the author’s dance combos, Smooth performance technique of transitions from one element to another. The main elements of work in the parterre. Work on elements of the transition in the parterre on the pole.

Diana Harten (Tallinn, Estonia)


1. Floor work class “Exotic legs work”

This girl will turn your legs into a real gun: graceful lines, flowing motion, pure gracefulness through and through. This adds piquancy into the choreo and generally saturates the dancing. In this class you will learn classic floorwork moves and modern variations of them. For a poledancers it is important to feel confident in floorwork combinations, and this class is aiming exactly that.

2. Dance class “Exotic tango with pole”

Be brave, allow yourself to mix any movies with the pole. So why not a tango? You already have a partner. In this class we will pay attention to details: look, hand placement, graceful poses. We will follow to the heart of the latin passion.

Margarita Aleksan (Riga, Latvia)


  • Twerk (base) This hot representative of the twerk style will teach you the very base and very “tasty” techniques of the twerk. You will learn how to shake your booty, so that you can use this in your EXOTIC choreographies. And, of course, you could cheer up your boyfriend after this class! Make your level of health and energy up! In this class you should be in shorts and sneakers (this is obligatory).
  • Dance class “Fusion twerk”. Only at our camp we will be learning very “tasty” techniques of twerk and will dance the hottest choreography in this style - on heels and with the pole, of course!

Registration and sale

Full Package 9 classes 300 eur without accommodation
  Sasha Meow 1 floor work class (75 min)
  Alyona Amber 1 floor work class (75 min)
  Diana Harten 1 floor work class (75 min)
  Margarita Aleksan 1 twerk base class (75 min)
  Sasha Meow 1 CLASS “Dance combo” (75 min)
  Alyona Amber 1 CLASS “Dance combo” (75 min)
  Diana Harten 1 CLASS “Dance combo” (75 min)
  Margarita Aleksan 1 CLASS “Fusion twerk" Dance combo (120 min)
  Yana Vinokurova 1 stretching class (90 min)
BONUS: - BONUS: a special mini-photo session for each Royal Dance Camp Member!
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