For the first time in the Baltic states from June 28 February till 1 March 2020 - the Exotic Puzzle Dance Camp in the heart of the Northern Riviera - in Jurmala! Real oasis of health, which is proud of the almost incredible concentration of healing forces of nature that can’t be found elsewhere on the shores of the northern seas. A place where the sea and the majestic pine forests peacefully coexist with the unhurried flow of every-days life and at the same time has a rich social life, inspiring, refreshing and enriching everyone here.


About Exotic Puzzle Dance Camp:

EXOTIC PUZZLE DANCE CAMPis a unique dance camp concept created especially for those who are passionate about the EXOTIC style.
The concept of our winter dance camp - has no analogues! A unique approach to unlock your personal potential. You will learn something that will never be told at the other master classes. In our camp - a ton of useful exclusive information, the secrets of dance technique and the magic of creating your unique image of Exotic queen!
Puzzle your unique Exotic Style!
Training will take place in the modern dance Studio FEEL GOOD: Pole Dance & Workout (Jurmala, Majori, Lienes street 16/18, 3rd floor)





For the participants of the EXOTIC PUZZLE DANCE CAMP we are glad to offer the most
comfortable conditions of hotel accomodation in Jurmala – in the five star hotel «Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA», which is located on the coast of the Baltic sea. Accommodation will be provided in room Classic double.
Participants of the camp will be able to enjoy the wash of the sea waves without leaving the elegant rooms, equipped with all necessary amenities: comfortable wide beds, air conditioning, satellite TV and free Wi-Fi.
Price of accommodation (for 1 person) 40 Eur per day.

The price includes:

- accommodation in a room Classic double room,
- breakfast in the hotel restaurant, overlooking the sea,
- access to a New heated 25-metre saltwater sports pool,
- visit to the Finnish bath after a training day,
- visit to the modern gym with cardio and power equipment,
- relax on the hotel's private beach,
- if you arrive in Latvia by car, free parking is provided,
Within walking distance there are:
- dance halls of the camp (FEEL GOOD Studio: Jurmala, Majori, Lienes street 16/18,
www.poledance.lv), - restaurants, shops, tourist sights,
- railway station “Majori”.

If you want, you may visit the Spa-Centre of the Baltic Beach Hotel, which offers over 400 Spa rituals and relaxing treatments. You may also visit a real Russian bath and try healing procedures or relax in the saunas of the water relaxation centre “The Garden”.
Please, NOTE that visiting the SPA is not included in the room price!
Jurmala is easily reached by car, train or bus, because Jurmala is just a 15-minute drive away from Riga international airport and a 20-minute drive away from the centre of Riga.






Our presenters


Марина Мотухнова(Россия) - Exotic Queen MARINA MOTUKHNOVA (Russia)


Bright, charismatic and extraordinary exotic dancer and choreographer! Her performances are always characterized by incredible energy and artistry and they never leave the viewer indifferent. The choreography of Marina is unusual and unforgettable!

INSTAGRAM @motuhnova_marina

Kaya Blum (Ukraine) - Exotic Queen KAYA BLUM


- Founder and director of the pole dance KAYA BLUM studio
- certified Pole Dance teacher
- presenter of programs and master classes of Pole Dance ,Pole Exotic, Body Plastic
- Choreographer and producer of various show programs and events
- Owner brand  “Kayablumshop ” (Kiev, Ukraine)

INSTAGRAM @kaya.blum

Alyona Amber(Latvia) - Exotic Queen ALYONA AMBER


Graduated Latvian College of Culture, direction of "Dance teacher", took a choreographic course at Latvian Academy of Culture. Dance experience - 12 years. Before pole dancing, danced various styles like contemporary, jazz, vogue, ballroom, hip- hop, ballet and also participated in performances by Latvian contemporary choreographers. In 2015, received the certificate of Pole Dance instructor and started to work in studio "FEEL GOOD: poledance & workout" (Latvia, Riga city) and has been working to this day, as well as teaching classes in various countries since 2016.

Yana Kremneva (Russia) - Tribal Queen Yana Kremneva (Russia)


Award-winning teacher of tribal fusion dance, creative genius, and choreographer extraordinaire, Kremushka rose to fame first in her native country, Russia, then took the world by storm and became an internet sensation. Yana's dance is known for its unique technique, strong energy and unusual, recognizable things. Yana boldly experiments in dance, creating her own characteristic style that leaves no one half- hearted.

INSTAGRAM @kremushka

Aleksey Siselyatin (Russia) - Exotic king ALEKSEY SISELYATIN


Teacher of acting and choreographer. The dance for Aleksey Siselyatin is more than choreography and squares. It is a huge range of feelings and emotions that you are able to pass through yourself and share them with the audience.

INSTAGRAM @sarcastic_life



Marina Motukhnova

Duration: 75 мин

Hands ... Marina always, in her lessons, aemphasize importance to the movements of her hands, the lines that they create. Marina believes that hands are the language of our body. With their help, we can show all our emotions - excitement, fear, anger and of course - tenderness. You can learn to dance with your hands! And Marina will help you with this!

Kaya Blum

Duration: 75 мин

A beautiful dance is a meaningful movement of the legs in the dance space onthe pole or in parterre. Each leg movement has its own set trajectory! Your leg in a high-heeled shoe, stretching from the hip and down to the very foot, creates a sexy body line. And to draw beautiful and long lines of legs means to create real magic on the stage. Even if your dance looks very mediocre, as soon as you begin to consciously and diligently complete each movement with your legs, the quality of the dance will immediately improve.

Alyona Amber

Duration: 75 мин

Have you ever thought that all the movements of the arms, legs and head in the dance begins from the body work (spine). And using conscious knowledge about this you can make all movements more voluminous, expressive and beautiful. At classes, ALYONA will share with you the her own secrets of exotic dance technique! This will allow you to:
- better understand your body in dance
- understand how to create more interesting movements in the dance
- Learn how to be switched on during each dance movement performed.

Yana Kremneva

2 класса Длительность 120 минут

Описание программы:
In this workshop we will experiment in various coordination and isolation of the hands individually and in overlays, filling them with an energy message!

Aleksey Siselyatin

Duration 90 минутр

“MAGIC Photoposition. From beach to bitch".
Three levels of posing::
- ground;
- average level (semi-squat, sitting);
- standing.


Self-control of the lines: The practice of feeling the lines of the body in front of the camera here and now, without pulling the photographer with the questioning “Am I sitting normal? How am I standing? And like this?".
Working with props in the photo: How to make sure that the subject taken for shooting does not look superfluous and, moreover, does not distract attention from the base - you.
Work with emotions on the camera: Yes, of course, the camera looks at the model with its mouth with teeth-blades and there can be no fear in the eyes. But. Do we need it when the shooting is not in the style of horror?

Analysis of the main clamps when caught under the lens: neck; shoulders; hands; face. The basis of the basics:
The ability to reconnect your body with your thoughts and put it in the frame confident and free - the most important thing is that the photo is not tortured. The program will not have a list of poses. In this class I will not give you the framework into which you need to drive yourself.
In the posing class, I will introduce you to your body and help you plunge into the work on the camera so that it does not want to emerge. And, important, but not basic - there is no need to be afraid that there will be unsuccessful shots.
Fear is a stopper of progress and work, and unsuccessful shots are only the cost of that you are lively and mobile.
What do you want? A tortured unnatural posture with fear in the eyes or a natural picture within the boundaries of the shooting that the team intended? You decide. And I will help you with this!


- Practical photoshooting on the results of classes with Alexei Siselyatin (3 retouched photos) – with photographer Maria Polyanina (Russia)
- Dance Jam Class based on the results of all camp lessons, with the participation of teachers (video shooting will be carried out)

Registration and sale

Full Package 11 classes 350 eur without accommodation
  Marina Motukhnova 1 Technique class (75 min)
  Kaya Blum 1 Technique class (75 min)
  Alyona Amber 1 Technique class (75 min)
  Yana Kremneva 1 TRIBEL technique class (120 min)
  Marina Motukhnova 1 CLASS “Dance combo” (75 min)
  Kaya Blum 1 CLASS “Dance combo” (75 min)
  Alyona Amber 1 CLASS “Dance combo” (75 min)
  Yana Kremneva 1 CLASS “TRIBEL Dance combo” (120 min)
  Aleksey Siselyatin 2 classes «Posing technique for photography»
BONUS: - Practical photoshooting on the results of classes with Alexei Siselyatin (3 retouched photos) – with photographer Maria Polyanina (Russia)
- Dance Jam Class based on the results of all camp lessons, with the participation of teachers (video shooting will be carried out)
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