Royal Dance Camp - Program

Royal Dance Camp "Pole Emotion" - a unique three-day programme of learning and training for beginners and professionals #Exotic Pole Dance.

We have created for you an exclusive scheme of theory and practice, which has no analogues! 
June 22, 2019 - the day of arrival of the Camp participants, welcome party
June 23, 2019 “Technique Day” - training with an emphasis on the ability to combine dance and trick base of #Exotic, #Stripdance and #Frameup choreography
June 24, 2019 "Dance day" - a complex dance combination using the material of the first day of training
June 25, 2019 “Improvisation day” is an incredible lesson in which you can show your own dance individuality and charisma under the guidance of teachers, using the material of two days of training
June 26, 2019 - departure of the Camp participants

Three days you will be pumping your dance skills under the guidance of Star teachers:
👑@evabembo - Eva Bembo
👑@olgakoda - Olga Koda
👑@ohhh_daria - Daria Che
👑@sashameow_exotic - Sasha Meow
👑@vyadron - Nastya Vyadro
👑@lizonsergeeva - Liza Sergeeva
👑@sarcastic_life - Alexei Siselyatin.

And this will help you to create your own unique dance performances in the future and to participate in any #exotixpoledance competitions. In our camp, everyone will make the first confident steps towards becoming #exotic queens. Will you miss such an opportunity?
In our #Royal_Dance_Camp you can choose a group according to your level of preparation:

👑 LEVEL "Beginner"👑
level criteria:
• You have been doing #Exotic Pole dance for 2 months.
• You have an idea about the elements such as “Pirouette”, “Wave”, “Fan Kick”

👑 LEVEL "Professional"👑
level criteria:
• You have been doing #exoticpole dance for 6 months or more.
• You have an idea about the elements such as “Chopper”, “Roll over shoulder”, “Stand on forearm”