Our Presenters

         Eva Bembo  (Russia) - Exotic «BEMBO STYLE»: Sexuality

1eva 2eva

This girl is a showman, dancer, Exotic Pole dance trainer with a particularly sexy style of choreography, in which prevail beautiful lines, plasticity and grace.
Eva Bembo also produce performance numbers, which always have great success with the public. Performing experience on the stage, including abroad, is more than 15 years. Teaching experience - more than 10 years.
She is often invited as a judge at various dance festivals, championships, competitions. Has its own brand of clothes Bembo_art. Organizer of the large-scale event PARANOA
In the program of classes: original (author's) dance combos and transitions, work in the parterre, work with the pole, the secrets of plastics, artistry and sexuality.


         Olga Koda (Russia) -  Exotic «KODA STYLE»: Hard

1olga 2olga

This girl is not just a dancer, choreographer and headliner of the Exotic pole dance world. She is the founder of her own daring style, filled with unbridled sexual energy, power tricks, interesting stands and rolls.
In the program of classes: dynamic combos and transitions in a unique “Koda style”, author’s semi-pole and parterre choreography and original warm-up.


         Daria Che (Russia) - Exotic «DARIA CHE STYLE»: Flow

This girl is the brightest representative of Exotic Pole Flow. She has a unique feature to bewitch with the movements, transitions, amplitude spins, jumps and flow style elements.
In the program of classes: the author’s dance combos, analyze of musical composition and its adaptation to Pole Exotic (placement of points and accents). Smooth performance technique of transitions from one element to another. The main elements of work in the parterre. Work on elements of the transition in the parterre on the pole.


         Sasha Meow (Latvia) - Exotic «MEOW STYLE»: Mix & Match

1sasa 1sasa

This girl has true cat’s grace. She blew up Instagram with her inimitable charisma and cheeky dancing! Each of her master class is a slow-motion show, in which she boldly shares with the most delicious stuffs that can only be in Exot!
In the program of classes: Mix & Match - tricks + exot! Strength + grace. For those who don’t have enough and who want to kill 2 birds at once! Author's choreography with stunt elements. A thorough and in-depth study of all the charm of the fluidity of "cat" movements and the secrets of filling dancing space. The class will consist of an intense warm-up, trick part and a dancing part.


         Nastya Vyadro (Russia) - High Heels

Vyadro1 Vyadro2

An actress, dancer, semi-finalist of the 2nd season of the project "Dance on ТNT", choreographer of the 3rd and 4th season of the project “Dance on TNT”. The winner in various dancing competitions, presenter of exclusive master-classes.
- Two-time winner of the festival "Frame up 5" and "Frame up 6" in the nomination "The best erotic solo show"
- The winner of the festival on strip-plastic "Live dancing" (Moscow, Russia) in the nomination "Strip-plastic Solo Profi"
- The winner in the nomination Best Strip / High Heels Solo, Frame up Fest 2017
- Winner in the nomination "Runway", Virgin vogue ball 2017
- Winner in the nomination "Best Body", Intitled Vogue Ball 2017
- 2nd place in the Best Erotic Show Group nomination for "Frame up 7"
- 3rd place in the nomination Best High Heels Show Group for "Frame up 7"
- 3rd place in the Project 818, 2015 in the nomination "Best high heels crew Profi"
- Judging at the festival «Pole emotion-2017» and "Frame up 7"
- Opened a solo performance "Russian National Music Award 2016" in the Kremlin
- Solo performance at the All-Russian Festival "Wind Rose", 2016
- The heroine of the author's charity project Anton Mukhin in Moscow and St.Petersburg "ArtStil", photo exhibition "Ultra Feelings", 2016


         Liza Sergeeva (Russia) - Strip, Frame UP

1liza 2liza

This girl is a dancer, trainer, choreographer with dance experience of 20 years. In her classes, Lisa helps to reveal such qualities as: femininity and grace; physical endurance and plastic; sexuality and attractiveness! And all this happens: dancing! On high heels!
In the program of classes: the author's choreography in one of the most popular dance directions of today Strip dance! We try and include in our dance fascinating acrobatics Frame Up elements.
MASTER CLASS from LIZA SERGEEVA specially for IT and for YOU!


         Alexei Siselyatin (Russia)

alex1 alex2

If a story or a lively image, a personification of a mood or state, is not being broadcasted from the stage, then it is empty for the viewer, even if there is an artist on it. 
How to make your life on stage more organic? 
To make the viewer look at you without taking your eyes off you? 
How to get rid of the excitement on stage and before it? 
Create a full image and present it properly? 
Answers to these questions can be obtained at our Royal Dance Camp, at special Alexei Siselyatin (Russia) acting classes for dancers.

In the programme of the classes:
1️. Your Body: This is your unique tool for transferring emotions. Body analysis "in parts": Let's start with the concept of "musculoskeletal system" and get to the main point of your movements on the stage. We will learn to walk beautifully "from the hip" and use the example to transmit the emotions in motion. After all, each of your performances does not begin with music, but with going on stage to the audience.
2️. Your Image: Creating a harmonious image on stage: from stage costumes to character and back. How to avoid physical and emotional excess in the image.
3️. Your life on stage:
Complicated "Relationships" with music and pole You're never alone on the stage. As a minimum, your music is your partner
4️. Work with props and stage partner: 
How to choose the right prop and don’t forget that "If there is a gun on the scene, then it should fire!"
How to choose a person who wont drown your brilliant performance number with his brick face